Combat AIDS

Dr Ed Alegria, HEF Resource lecturing during Combat AIDS Seminar

Signs and symptoms:

  • Profound fatigue, unexplained fever, unexpected weight loss, swollen gland, persistent diarrhea, shortness of breath, skin blotches.
  • Persons with AIDS are plagued by opportunistic infections like pneumonia, tuberculosis, diarrhea.

HIV/AIDS is not spread through: handshake, hugs, eating on same plate, swimming pool, casual contact in office or school, toilet seat, mosquito bites, and kissing.

Christian help to a person with AIDS

  • Don’t blame him/her for catching AIDS. Blaming will just incite fear and lead him/her closer to the grave. Understand and help him/her.
  • Bring him/her close to God. Read to him promises of God in the Bible. Pray for him and with him. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Anybody in need of help is your neighbor. He may be a person with AIDS.

Preventive AIDS Education for Africans

Instead of going to Africa where millions have died of AIDS, FHEDA has a unique way of reaching and serving Africans by meeting them who are residing in New Jersey, USA. It is convenient and inexpensive approach with multiplying effects in a way that seminar participants could reecho training to others, or may share information through emails, phone chats, literature, small groups, one-on-one interaction, or sharing with neighbors, and social media.

The Combat AIDS project is launched through seminar, workshops, symposium, and group lectures to African communities, associations, schools, civic groups, and churches.

The churches can play important role in disseminating the preventive AIDS information on account of the weekly meetings with church members. A certain religious leader once said: “The frightening reality that is facing the church community is that within the next few years, congregations could see a significant number of members being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Many pople could have contracted the virus before becoming Christians, many could have inherited it at birth,, and there might be other areas where people could contract the disease accidentally.”


AIDS is 100% fatal, but 100% preventable. The Health Education Foundation (HEF) has been embarking anti-AIDS message campaign and is trying to create wider sphere of services not only in Philippines, but also in foreign soil such as Thailand where many HIV/AIDS cases have been reported.

Dr. Adelino Libato, HEF Vice President of Human Resources initiated an alliance with the Siam International School in T. Bungyeetho, Thanyaburi, 1230, Thailand. The project launched is called “Anti-AIDS Project” that tapped high school students who volunteered to spend time in coming up with worthy activities to be able to help prevent AIDS, and offer other services to about 400 people living with AIDS confirmed at AIDS Temple Wat Prevaht Namphu.

“There is a need of a journey of transformation -from fear to compassion. ” Dr. Abe Libato said.

The high school students were shown a movie clip, and watched at the beginning of the Anti-AIDS project. Then the students were divided into groups. The students said that the reason they were doing the project was to help prevent AIDS and people living with AIDS. They offered their free loving services to those confined at the AIDS Temple Wat Prabaht Namphu. They felt sad to know that many of them do not have money, no friends, and no family members to care for them. The student sold french fries, drinks and nuggets at the school during lunch time and after school. They solicited donations from teachers, parents, friends and the public.One man donated 6000 condoms for free distribution. They asked donations at Future Park , and Siam Square in Bangkok. They collected 67,000 bahts. As part of HIV/AIDS message campaign, they gave away free leaflets, brochures to the public such as in parks, and commercial centers and condoms to adults.

The student bought nutritious food such as fruits and other items,packed them and personally delivered and handed them for free at the AIDS Temple. They offered some lifting songs and comforting words. The time spent for humanitarian and community services made the students feel happier and healthier. The service for outgoing concern has been acknowledged and deeply appreciated by the AIDS Temple and particularly -those living with AIDS.

Manny Mullaneda, HEF Executive Director expressed optimism by saying, “Even with limited financial resources, the scope of HEF service have gone larger and wider on account of dedicated, devoted and service-oriented people involved in the program. The foundation serves not only in the Philippines, but also in Thailand and New Jersey, USA, where we conduct Preventive AIDS Education message campaign and seminars for African communities. The best is yet to come!”